Irish Village press kit

The images below were the images seen on the original 1995 MSN site whilst it was being built.

This guy is the original worker employed to build the original website in 1995. Has been waiting 23 years for the site to open, you will notice this by the length of his beard.


The idea for the Irish village website came in 1995, when Microsoft created Windows 95. Along with the Windows ’95 software, they were also going to market the MSN (Microsoft Network). The MSN would be available in every country. Nicholas Merton applied for the license for Ireland and won the opportunity of setting up the MSN in Ireland.

The MSN originally was a folder structure, with content. Originally, Nicholas set it up for selling goods abroad from Ireland, and successfully got several companies to set up shop. All was going well, until Microsoft decided to stop using the folder structured MSN and moved the MSN to the World Wide web (WWW).

Nicholas decided that the MSN was exclusive but at that time the WWW could not offer the media that the MSN could, so he pulled back from Microsoft and headed on his own way putting aside the Irish Village. Every time he visited the “Showcase” exhibition at the RDS in Dublin, he would feel the pangs for the Irish village, so he knew that one day the Irish Village would exist again, when the time was right.

Today the time is right. The Irish village rises again. Here we are. Offering a consolidated marketplace for Irish enterprises and small businesses to join forces to sell their products globally. The same as was offered in 1995.

Nicholas is thrilled that the name Irish Village, still works. he believes that Ireland has always been depicted as a village, with village culture, most of the world thinks that Ireland is only villages, and we all drink a lot of whisky and beer, so we don’t want to break this idea, but sell it.

The Irish Village website allows anyone who sells Irish products a larger opportunity to be seen than just having their own web site, they can sell just one item on the web site or a large range of products. The website has been designed to cope will all sizes of business.

For the guests there are several stores to chose from, and if they want to buy from more than one store, they can do this with just one purchase. A “one stop shop” for Irish products.

Back in the late 1990’s when the Irish Village was first set up, people would communicate using Bulletin Boards, anyone could log into a board and hold a written discussion. The Irish Village used these Boards to communicate globally. What was discovered was that there were a lot of people who would associate as being Irish, or who wanted to be Irish, and they loved the idea of buying products from Ireland. So, over the hundreds of years we have exported our sons and daughters, we have also exported the culture of Ireland, The Irish Village now want to sell the world products made and designed in Ireland

Today we don’t want just the old-style products to sell, but we will sell them. What we want to sell today is a modern Ireland with the wonderful products created here today.

Come visit the Irish Village, help us help Irish companies grow. Thank you

Nicholas Merton
CEO Irish Village 2018


Below are pictures of Windows 95 and the MSN. In 1995

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