How to set up a shop on the Irish Village

How to set up a shop on the irish Village PDf

Four stages

Setting up your shop

We will show how to do this by using the details of how a real Shop was set up.

(We will not be using all the features of the site, for this we leave it up to you to explore and email us any questions you might have. We will have some advanced documentation available shortly)

First prepare all the text and images you want to use.

Then Log in with your user name and password that you set up when you registered.

For now, there are four areas to fill in

  1. Media (Images to be used on this web site)
  2. Your Profile
  3. Your Shop details (Vendor profile)
  4. Products

Please fill these in as best as you can, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, by using the contact us on the bottom of the main Irish Village home page. We can only learn with your pain.

Adding Media

You should start by uploading any images you require. Other than product images, I recommend an image of your logo, and a few that would show off you or your company.

Your media is ready to be used.

Next you must set up your profile

Set up your profile

All you need to fill out at this stage is your name and email details as shown below

The username will be filled in for you – This you entered when you signed up.
Enter, First name, Last Name, Nickname, and Email address.


Then Click on update profile further down on the form (If you do not do this the information you put in will not be saved.

Set up your company profile

There are 5 tabs along the top

Vendor Settings
Front page

In Vendor Settings

The name is the name you want your shop to be known as, the slug is your web address i.e., this can also be used as a link from elsewhere like your Facebook page. Don’t forget to click on “Save Vendor Settings” before you go on.


Please fill in your bank account details (If you want to be paid), also if you have a PayPal email address. We will be using “Stripe” for payments from the customer and also for you.

Set up your Front page

Paste your Shop information into the box, you can use the formatting and insert pictures easily from your media storage

Next paste in your logo


The Vacation tab is to be used for periods where you will be away and unavailable to supply goods.

If you make any changes here don’t forget to click on the “Save Vacation Settings” icon.


There is a Irish Village returns policy, that you can use, other than your own.

That is all the information required to set up shop. In the next section you set up items for sale.

Add products

Click on add new

Enter your product name

Enter the product description

Enter Slug name (the name that is seen on the address bar i.e.: Try to make it unique.

Enter product short description. This is shown under the price of the item, and is a instruction on what to do next i.e. Please click size of this product.

Add a product image (can be found on the right side of the page)

Add product tags (separated by a comma)


Select the product categories (These will change as the site grows to become more granular). Please email us if you want a particular search category, that better suites your products.

Select product data

For this product as there are variables such as size, you select Variable product. Go through all the tabs on the left to check out your requirements.

Set up the Tax status and class (This is used to calculate the 23% VAT)

Attributes is where you set up your variables (size, weight, etc), I also ticked the used for variations box.

Click Save attributes

Click on go

The next bit is a bit tricky until you have done it once. If you hover over the product, you will see additional menu appear on the right hand side, click on the down arrow to continue setting up the product

Because each variable can have different pricing, SKU’s etc.

Under extra as this is a new product you can set the view to show new on the website

Alll done.

Initially you wont be able to see your products on line as they all have to be approved, but you can preview them to check all I OK